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August 27, 2008



Funny... I received my shipment of bento boxes a few weeks ago from ichibankanusa.com from CA. They are super cute and super cheap and the girls absolutely LOVE eating out of them!

Sister Carrie

Wow, Dumpling's in school now! I'm so happy she's enjoying it.

Seriously, is there such a thing as a juice-box of wine? If there is, I have to see it.


The lunch box is wonderful. And yeah, what's up with the bento boxes? All the cool kids have them and good for Dumpling eating her whole lunch.
Really, MM, you are a good mama!!!

American Family

I think we are living parallel lives. I am sending you a virtual glass (or bottle!) of wine to celebrate the brave new world of kindergarten Whoo Hoo!


Woohoo! Kindergarden! She looks so excited! And yeeha on the bento box; very nice looking and I'm impressed that she ate everything.


Wow, that is one big smile on her face! Glad she's happy.

The Bento box is adorable...this will suck me in, eventually. I was at Pearl River Mart a couple of weeks ago and had a hard time walking away from that section!

Yeah, trying to find employees sucks. My employer just hired somebody that I am not sure about for my department...this better not be a waste of my time. Grr.


So glad Dumpling had a good first day :) I love the custom made lunch bag such a clever idea. I too have a Bento box addiction, just the boxes you understand, staying true to my slacker status I have yet to actually make a Bento Box lunch! I did buy probably the most expensive Bento box in the world when we were in Taipei, I couldn't help it and I've told Loopy college is over rated anyway.

p.s I promise that "post to make you proud" IS coming just as soon as The Terrorists are in school, oh who am I kidding once they are 21 then I'll get it done.


I so wanna get some bento boxes, love those things.. glad her first day back was such a success- you are one very creative mom :)


very cool indeed. Glenys loves wow wow wubbzy.


Honestly, you are the McGyver of craftiness.
Dumpling really looks happy in the pics!! I'm glad she's excited about school. And seriously about the feet... is it like puppies? Does it mean she'll be really tall? Maybe that's where all the lunch is going?


Another kindergartner on the block! That lunch - fun in the adorable lunch box you made.


Few things:

I wouldn't actually want a juice box of wine because, well, that it not nearly enough.

How freaking precious does Dumpling look in her new classroom?

I thought BB's shirt said "MeiMeiMei" and kind of wish it did.

Love the bento box!


Okay, you are just too crafty! I consider myself to be quite a good parent but I have NEVER, not even once, made a lunch that was photo-worthy. And that lunch box is the coolest!


Love the bento lunch and my little fussy girl has become a better eater since I started packing bento for her. I have fun each day thinking what I should pack, which fun box I'll use and how cute I can make it. I'm a sad one though, once I started packing them regularly I began taking pictures of her daily bento and started a blog...I'm a geek. If you're interested, check it out: http://MaisieEatsBento.blogspot.com

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