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August 15, 2008



A couple of things:

1) You are NOT old because if you are old then there's a good chance I am too since I think we are just a couple of years apart. My "gang" of friends have known each other since elementary/junior high school so we've been friends for, gulp, twenty five years or more......we still love to get together for a sleep over once a year. Certainly NOT old, lol.

2) Drunk blogging is not a bad thing. Sounds like a fun time, and not something an old person would do.

3) I had a few drinks, okay seven, at a golf tournament last month and realized it was the most I had had to drink in one day since 1992. Mild queaziness the next day but not too bad. I didn't have the technology to blog drunk though.

Okay, maybe I am old.


It was a fun time, wasn't it?
I'm glad I managed the feat of getting some of the old gang together, though I noticed how "reasonable" so many of us have gotten.
You're still the life of the party :-)

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