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August 26, 2008



Ugh, sorry! Hope you find someone soon!


Man, the lack of responsibility or even the perception of any type of responsibility towards a person you agreed to work with is staggering - and maybe a sad commentary about the kind of young adults we have now.

Hey! You young kids, get off my grass!



People not showing up is a sign of immaturity. At least call.


I know what you are talking about. We have been searching for a full-time employee for 2 months now. Apparently, no one wants to work in the summer! Hopefuuly, our luck will change now that September is almost upon us. Good luck in your search!


Dude- if I lived closer I would come and help out- you wouldn't even have to pay me. (Although I on speak English and a touch of Croatian).
What is up with people?


sounds like you need a box of wine!!


I'm sorry that it's been stressful. I hope it works out and very soon.

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