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September 23, 2008



YAY! Just what the doctor ordered for both of you!


OHHHHH.......you had to know that I couldn't not comment. Jimmmmmmm. I am so pleased that you got to have an evening out and I know how difficult it must have been to refrain from the dancing and screaming...I heard he was opening for Sheryl but Montreal is the nearest he's coming to New Brunswick. Surely in your reserved state you must have taken pictures..lol.


Gorgeous jacket and how nice to time things to get out and enjoy a concert! Glad to hear things are improving...Pink

Mrs Figby (aka Halcyon Mama)

Yay for fun! Love the jacket, but you knew that. So glad you got a chance to wear it!


That jacket is gorgeous!


Fabulous outfit!!! So glad you got a night on the town - Sheryl Crow must have been awesome! Hope you and MD enjoyed the night out.


Glad you had a great night out!

koli's mom

Yeah for the much deserved night out. And your jacket?


Sounds awesome. Glad MD felt well enough to get out the house. Solo Cuddy and Sheryl Crow seems mellow enough. In a few months maybe he'll be ready for another Spingsteen show. Glad you had a good time.

Katie J

Glad you were able to break free a bit.

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