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September 21, 2008



You are certianly craft-tastic.....sorry to hear you're feeling crappy. Take care of you!


Very nice IV sleeves! Glad to hear you got a day of rest.


iv sleeves - just too much - too, too funny
optimistically hoping to see you on wed -

Mrs Figby (aka Halcyon Mama)

Those IV cozies are the BOMB. Seriously. In nice fall colors, no less!


you are so talented. Just know I am def praying for your whole situation with the emotions and your girls and hubby!! Hang in there. You may need to sell some of those to the hospital gift shop!!


God, I had no idea it would be as tough once he got home than when he was away. I'm glad you're sharing with us and I'm just amazed at how you are handling everything. I wish I had your zen mothering techniques. And energy to create nifty IV sleeves on top of everything else! You're amazing.

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