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September 16, 2008



My heart breaks for you. I think I've mentioned before, probably last year when you went through this, that I have two cousins(siblings) have CF. One of them lost his fight in 2001 at 25. His sister is still fighting strong at 37. She is a fighter with two daughters that keep her going. Sounds like your husband is much the same! You are all in my thoughts and prayers!


I'm sorry it's been so hard lately. Here's to them finding a good combo of the antibiotics and you being able to bring him home.


Thinking of you and good to hear that there is improvement...


Thinking of you and yours in NB...take care. This too shall pass.

B Mama

I totally understand - as I know you know. Hang in there during this tough time. We're rooting for all of you.


I'm so glad he is doing better. This is so all so hard for you both :(


hope they find a good drug combo that works so he can come home asap. be kind to yourself! this is a tough time for everyone but especially you.


I am sending you all good vibes so that MD can come home ASAP.


Sending you good thoughts and energies from very far away.


oh my- I'm so sorry - we'll keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.


You guys have been in my thoughts and I am continuing to send good thoughts your way. You are amazing, taking care of your family as well as you do. Take care of yourself too, okay?

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