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October 02, 2008



Oy... Happy new year (that would be dripping with sarcasm, in case you didn't sense it).

Katie J

I hate circling. Sorry this is where you are right now.

Heather Ann

If you can believe it, we had such a shitty weekend which then rolled into the beginning of the week that we pretended Rosh Hashanah didn't exist. It didn't exist. We went to work and the kids to school and we fought and I cried and we never mentionned the holiday once. And I am married to a man who has never in the whole history of his life every missed something like that before. So it was bad. Did I mention that I can't decide whether to keep my current babysitter or get a full-time live-out nanny? My thoughts are with you. On a high note, we sold our house yesterday. Email me if you want to talk


Our solution. We have a younger friend (25 now) who is in university and has been our babysitter since our son was born. She loves my kids to bits and babysits when we need her but somes around socially. She wasbabysitter when our youngest was born (She asked for permission to keep het cellphone on in college and all proffessors started asking about the baby ;) and she took care of my kids when we went to London last year. Because our parents live two hours driving away she is our emergeny babysitter. It is enormous comnfort to have someone that we can 1 call at any time for emergency and who we pay so the relation is clear in that respect. So I think you should look for someone like that. Someone who does some regular babysitting so she is comfortable with the girls and someone who can do emergency babysitting as well. Someone you can be friends with..

I am however dreading our sitters graduation. She might get a real job..


I am sorry you have so much going on right now - it must be exhausting. I normally lurk, but wanted to share with you our situation. We have what is basically a live-out Nanny. She picks our Bean up from AM preschool, takes her to appointments and classes, etc. Under the "normal" schedule she is done at 530 when we are done with work, but when our schedule gets crazy she is available to stay at the house overnight, she house sits for us when we go away, etc. When we originally made arrangements with her, we guaranteed her $X/week for Y hours - anything additional we pay her for. It has worked out really well for us. Our closest relatives are a 3 hour drive away, so if an emergency comes up we are basically up the creek. Or we would be if we did not have N.

She is a God send, and adores our Bean, as we do her. It is really a good situation for all of us. We are in the infinitely long wait for sister, and are trying to come up with creative ways to retain N after Bean starts kindergarten, as we want her to be around for Sister.

Good Luck with everything, and I hope you found some wine!


hi - just wondering - what is your source of Chinese live-in nannies? Is this Canadian only or does that agency refer to the US as well?

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