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November 14, 2008



My mom and I are into felting. We buy used wool sweaters at Village des Valeurs and make purses.
This is NOT my Etsy shop but just an example of what you can do. Buying used sweaters saves you the time of knitting and makes it fun.


Yours is one of the craftiest blogs I read, so I can't really give you a link, but I can tell you what I'd want you to make me: a fun bag. I love bags, especially homemade ones. Add a clip to attach her keys and a cell pocket and it's my dream bag in fun prints.

My other idea is one of your pretty homemade, fabric covered cork boards or calendars. Useful, but not something a busy mom has time to make.

Now that I live in Israel, I'm astounded at the sheer variety of kosher wine. Not just Israeli, which is awesome, but also South American. Now I'm a little bitter about the years drinking Manischewitz and Baron Herzog for Pesach at my husband's family. (ok, the latter is fine, but wow, is Manischewitz bad!) Anyway, drink up, and I hope things get better for you soon.

Katie J

Ok, busy mom. Does she like tea? Perhaps she needs to be reminded to sit down and have a cuppa. A knitted tea cozy? There are many patterns out there and they're pretty quick to knit up and I'm sure you already have yarn that will work.

Variegated yarn:

Elephant:(my favorite)

Easy and either striped or variegated:

Let us know what you decide to do! (It's a whole post on its own!)


Ok. I realize this really doesn't fit the knitting criteria BUT it IS the DIY project you were looking for all along...

...And Mortimer's Dad needs this...Really.


What is he talking about!?

Why, this of course:



How 'bout a pear-shaped linen sachet? Pretty and useful.


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