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January 29, 2009



Happy anniversary to you, Mortimer's Dad, Dumpling, and BB, who smiles all the time.


Oh Beach Ball, such a gorgeous girl. Congratulations on two years of complete familiness.


Happy anniversary!


Happy 2 year Anniversary.

Sister Carrie

What a character that BB has turned out to be. Happy family day!


What a wonderful post and such a beautiful family! Thinking of you and wishing you the best


Happy Anniversary!


Yay! It's definitely worth waiting to read posts like this one!

Look at you all: what a great shot! And you said something about people coming in, stopping and staring: it was your family they were admiring! Wasn't us, we had our backs to them... ;o)

Remember: nothing is permanent. The balance WILL come back.

Oh, and congratulations!!!


That was a very sweet post. Happy Anniversary day!


Mazel Tov and your hair looks great. Yes that may be shallow, but why not admit what's really important. Love to all of you.


What a beautiful family... then and now.
Happy Anniversary!


I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm a mom of two, living in Shanghai. I'm part of this Around the world in 80 clicks...worldwide effort to talk to other moms, a virtual playdate, if you will. The founder of the idea can be located at:

More info can be found in this orginial post:
http://badladies. blogspot. com/2009/ 03/world- according- to-mom.html

I just wanted to let you know that I've "tagged" you as a mom who blogs. So, hopefully, you'll have other moms who click into your blog to share with you as well. My own blogspot is: knepsa.blogspot.com, titled Expat in China.

Happy Anniversay!

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