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April 06, 2009



I think after this much shit you deserve your closet ! (yep I am shallow).


Oh wow. What a winter you've had. Poor Dumpling. You may be pale but you're smiling! I love the green in your bathroom.

I hope things get easier for you.


House looks great...and I hope there's nothing but calm in your house hereon in! Enough already!



Crap that is a lot to deal with. Sorry for your family.
I hope sunny days are ahead for all of you.


DAMN that's a lot of excrement hitting the whirling blades.

I hope no one was hurt in the robbery.

I hope you and your husband are feeling better. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a refuah shleima.

I'm also so very sorry for your loss. Please, email me if you need to talk, vent etc, and if there's anything I can do.


Glad you're still paddling away...as if anyone has a choice!

Katie J

I'm so happy to see you again here, but so sorry that the road has been so extremely difficult and heart wrenching.

Hugs to you. I'm thinking of you.


I'm so sorry for all you've been going through- and Dumplings question ripped my heart right out- but what insight for a little girl......again, hope your world begins to turn around and the sun shines in.....but glad you are back posting- you were missed.


so glad to see you back even though you have had a very rough patch. Missed lurking and reading you!


been thinking of you this pesach. i hope the spring brings better times for all of you.


Wow! so sorry for your loss. Happy Birthday to your 6 year old girl! Amazing when the thoughts and information click.


I'm mostly a lurker and though really happy to see a new post on your lovely blog, am saddened to hear about all that's been going on with your family lately. That bathroom is great--hope the gorgeous, cheerful color brings you joy. That and closet space! Congrats.


Ouch. You sure have been through a lot. I hope things are turning around for you. It's good to see you pop up in my reader again.

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