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July 17, 2007



That is a very cute quilt. You did it all on machine?


Mrs Figby

This is sooo cute. I'm very impressed with your free-hand quilting. I haven't attempted anything but straight lines!


Your partner loves it :-) I have a feeling this will be stolen from me by the kiddos as soon as they see it... If I let them. It's absolutely lovely- the fabric is darling and the free motion wuilting is great!!! I love the back, the name, and the label too! Thanks!!!


I am a bit shocked that you are in a quilting swap. Isn't this a place where "quilters" swap their work? This is hardly an article of proficient quilting. Quirly & dorky for sure, but not anything anybody I know would want on their walls. Free-motion quilting should not be done by a novice with a plain background where EVERY mis-stitch will show. Consider a simpler approach & sew within your means.

Stacey T

What the hell is up with Jayne. Ummmm, isn't it a DOLL QUILT swap? Not a Artist quilt hang on your wall swap? ARGH. There's always one in the bunch.


yes, those children and DOLLS will just be horrified by your quilting skills. How could a Doll ever sleep under such an amateurish work as this.

Some people really, really have too much time on their hands.


oh, meant to's cute. Love the goldfish fabric.

Herb Urban

I am no quilting expert, but I think your quilts all look lovely. To quote Sir Elton, your troll is a rude, vile pig.

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